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The Unfiltered Legends Podcast channel heads down to south Florida to catch up to Paulette Hester. Don't let the long nails and the eye liner fool you, Paulette is all about the pool life. From post-hurricane clean ups to cleaning up for the rich and famous. She's a single poler on a roll. 


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Terry Arko is well-known to IPSSA members —and he joins Megan on the podcast today to talk about a well-known topic: The trichlor shortage. We learn about Terry’s history in the industry and how he came to be at HASA. Then we delve into why there’s a trichlor shortage and what the industry can do to overcome it.

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The PGP (Pool Girl Pro) Industry Training Group chats with Dave Hawes to get some training on the business side of the pool industry. 

You can find the PGP Group on Facebook here

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David Hawes, owner of H & H Pool Services in Dublin, CA, started in the pool industry before he could even drive. More than 40 years later, he wants to help pool professionals learn how to be great business people, not just great pool people. 

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Let's go to Sacramento, CA to meet Kelli Carrillo! She's the President of her local IPSSA chapter and a busy mom of two who left working in the school system to pursue the more family friendly pool service business. 

*Interview by : UNFILTERED Legends (podbean.com)

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We sit down and chat with Mark Uberecken of Unified Pool Solutions in Katy, TX to discuss how he got into the pool and spa service industry and his involvement in IPSSA. 

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